GFG (The Good Food and Gift Company) acts as a marketplace for all in the food market across B2C and B2B platforms. We provide five portals to advertise food products via the Galleria online shopping platform, wholesalers and 31,000+ retailers.

Our new concept benefits the manufacturer, retailer, distributor and consumer, by giving your existing and potential customers instant access through our online platforms to buy your products.

The Four Portals:

The Galleria by GFG:

An online shop with over 46 stores selling, marketing and distributing international ‘free-from’ dietary, gourmet, religionary, lifestyle and niche foods that are not always found on the high street.

Trade by GFG:

Is a separate portal for trade buyers especially for retail outlets, convenience stores, independent grocery stores, farm shops, gourmet food departments, hamper companies, food service; restaurants, pubs, all commercial kitchens in schools, prisons, hospitals, volume food users etc. Users must be registered as trade businesses with GFG to gain access to and purchase at trade prices.

Wholesale by GFG:

Is a separate platform for all registered food and alcohol wholesalers. The platform totally removes the biggest problem in the food distribution chain of Minimum Order Quantities

Unitas by GFG:

Is exclusive to members of the Unitas Wholesale Buying Group: 182 wholesalers with a combination of £9+ billion per annum. Each buyer can view and select products suitable for their own unique requirements.

If you would like your products to be advertised across the four portals, please email for a product form.