Product Information

Who uploads our products on the website?2019-03-22T07:51:14+00:00

We do. We upload all products and information. You send us a form (created by us) with a description of your product, and we upload your company and product information that will be visible to customers via the Galleria online shopping platform, wholesalers and 31,000+ retailers.

Can I view my stock levels and find out where my products are being distributed?2019-03-22T07:51:19+00:00

Yes – We are currently creating an online dashboard for suppliers to monitor their stock levels.

Do you also advertise non free-from foods?2019-03-22T07:51:23+00:00

Although we specialise in free-from foods e.g. gluten free, sugar free, diary free etc, we also welcome additional food types that are not necessarily free-from foods


Are there any associated costs to advertise my products?2019-03-22T07:52:20+00:00

The set up/joining fee is a one-off cost of just £20.00 per product. An additional monthly listing/marketing fee is also incurred depending on the number of products, however you will receive a percentage of every product sold via our platforms. Below are the monthly payments.

1-5 Products £10.00 Monthly DD Per Product OR £100.00 Per Annum (DD In Advance)
6-25 Products £7.50 Monthly DD Per Product OR £80.00 Per Annum (DD In Advance)
26+ Products £5.00 Monthly DD Per Product OR £50.00 Per Annum (DD In Advance)

Do I make any money from advertising my products?2019-03-22T07:51:51+00:00

Yes – For every product sold via our platforms, you receive a percentage of the profits (state percentage)?


How long does it take for my products to be delivered to its relevant location?2019-03-22T07:54:19+00:00

2 -5 working days